This is why we can't have nice things

Surprise Furniture
Stanley's wife is pregnant, everyone! He said I was allowed to tell all of you! Go congratulate him right now! Yay!

For those of you who don't know, Stan is a coworker of mine, he teaches in the chemistry department.

Anyway, so Stan and I went on an adventure to pick up some furniture for a nursery to surprise his wife on her birthday. (Don't worry, she definitely doesn't read my journal. ;) ) While we were there, I had a thought. So.

Jenny's old office has been turned into a guest room. Who wants to try out the new futon first? ;D

Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting
chillin we badass
Best Weekend, and it isn't even over.

Had a night with the lads (and Mary) on Friday. Highlights include discovering that women in packs find way more euphemisms in Disney songs that I ever thought possible, that John still hasn't realized the error of his ways on the topic of children's films, sitting under tables, Bill stumbling three times before realizing his laces were tied together, ARMY BUDDIES and hugs all around.

Saturday's Surprise Soiree ended up being a day of shooting for a ladies' calendar followed by an auction. I WON. HAH. My buyer suggested this nice pastry place right across from a florist I'm trying to avoid, so I ended up convincing her to join me at a pub instead.

I showed her a fantastic time, and by that I mean we giggled over beers for three hours, made some friends at the table next to us when they started begging for Hearts players, and she left with a nice bloke her age. Judging from the way they were falling over and laughing, I don't think anything happened last night, but who knows?

Here's to a great Sunday!

Singing In The Rain
Things are getting easier. Not necessarily good quite yet, but loads better than before.

Getting up is still nearly impossible without guests in the house or work to attend. I spent hours staring at the ceiling Thursday until I realized that if I left at that very moment, I would be so late to my first class the students would've left already. Luckily my research assistant could take that class, but I can't make a habit.

Nearly forgot to feed Misha the other day, didn't realize until now that Colin was the one that did the barking for them to get fed.

It's strange how different everything is, with all her things gone. All of a sudden I only have my bachelor's dishes. I don't think anyone's used them in five years, except when she'd visit her mother's for a week and I've forget to wash up.

Speaking of which, doing all the chores again is very strange. I don't even know how to use the dishwasher, and I've had it for over a year.

But in any case, I had a good weekend and I feel a bit like myself again. I have the best friends a man could ask for, as it were, even if they make me watch Disney films while there's no one under 35 in the room.

So I guess what I'm saying is:

Hello fandom. I'm back.

PS: I had a chat with power_c and I was thinking... we haven't had a meetup since the pub at the convention. Anyone up for one just off the bat, mid-October maybe?

(no subject)
I think I may need a full bottle of scotch after this.

Sister called and said the children wanted to bring my dogs to the park. How do I say there'll only be one now?

I swear she hasn't called me this much since Gramma died.
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Dear Fandom
Stop sending me pictures of Irene in a blue robe and asking me what I think it means.

I think it means the cast are having a great laugh at your expense.

A single image does not say anything about Irene Adler fucking Sherlock Holmes. Even if that happens to be Sherlock's dressing gown, she could be wearing it for any number of reasons.

And anyway, you should all know Moffat likes misleading his fans.

Take a deep collective breath. Christ. :\

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New term starting again, thank Christ.

Got a lawyer, thanks.

Team: House is free for your use but may be unresponsive on the general. Sorry. Come over anyway, I'll fail at cooking.

On the other hand, maybe I'll get back in shape as result.

Haven't bothered watching the new Doctor Who, won't for a while, nobody tell me anything. I'll enjoy it when I have the energy.

(no subject)
Anyone know of a good, reasonably priced law firm in London? Prioritizing efficiency over advising, I don't want to draw anything out.

You lot, my number's the same as always obviously, but I'm canceling plans for the rest of August.

Sorry Mary, another time I'm sure.

Edit: I give up. I can't deal with both of these things at once. To all of you who support each other, you're fantastic and wonderful and I'll miss you, but at the speed and frequency of unwarranted attacks... I can't be in fandom right now.

(For the good ones: This is not 'farewell' but merely 'when I can again, at an unknown future date'.)

Dear Everyone
penny farthing
Life is awesome.

That is all.


It's Like A Sandbox
Went to that play this evening with Jenny, S and John. Existential was, um, accurate? Children digging up rainbows that may have possibly represented a stillbirth, dimension travel inside a young girl's mind... it made sense by the end, but it was quite a trip getting there.

Jenny seemed to be into it. John not so much. S acted like he really liked it, but I think he may or may not have been trying to goad John into irritation. :)

Either way, it's worth seeing if you enjoy strange, philosophical evenings, but if you prefer just nice plot and characterization, you may want to go see a film instead. :)

Speaking of S, however. The mural is done! Worth every penny and more. ;) I'd post a picture but Jenny's forbidden it. She wants to surprise her book club, and she says if I post a picture, Bill'll show it to Millie, and she'll show it to everyone, so. This is all your fault, Bill. Haha.

the Bart's Cleanup Crew Experiment went quite well and thanks to all of you who showed up (particularly Harry, Bill, Mary, Emma, Shaun and Ryan, who stayed quite long and are probably all sore now, like me. Except Bill, who never seems to be sore at all.)

Thank god everything's quieting down now. Time to move all the furniture in!

I think I'll wait for morning. :)


nap please
Jen's just finished calling around to everyone, we're all safe and unharmed, our friends are generally safe and unharmed if shaken up, everyone be careful out there.

I'm taking my students out for extra credit to volunteer for cleanup tomorrow, anyone coming along?


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